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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"Chris said...
If people believe that the US went to Iraq because of Israel... they are pretty diluted. King Bush holds hands with King of Saud.. er President of Saud... oh man... I forget who thinks their king anymore. Aka. its all about the oil, and revenge.

I guess I just dont see the all anti-semitism that you do. Maybe its because I dont look for it, or maybe its because I am not a victim of it. I was raised to believe ......

I don't think most people really intend to be bigoted or mean.

I will list some of my own personal experiences with anti semitism, some others may have come to a different conclusion but here it is:

The temple I belonged to in San Diego, Adat Shalom was spray painted with Nazi symblems all over. And the name of the rabbi and the local ADL guy were used. They even spray painted the play ground for the nursery school, its was beyond fucked up to see the slide where my daughter played covered with slogans like "Die Jew" was surreal. The police barely investigated even tho it cose 1000's of dollars in damage. Plus much mental pain from the 600 families who were members. The police promised to 'look into it'.

The temple in the next town over Syracuse was burned down a couple years ago by a Palestinian who came from Canada. I went to a wedding there, people were really upset. Thanks to God no one was hurt....things like that leave a mark on peoples minds tho.

The neighbors out summer told their kids not to play with our because they are Jew and they are at fault for Christs death. When I went to ask the Dad about it (My husband wanted to go but I wouldn't let him because our little girls were crying and he wanted to punch the guy) he said that he would see what happened and that he coudl n't imagine this.
Of course neither of his kids, who live NEXT door ever spoke to my kids or us again/ that was four years ago. They tried to get me kicked off an activiites group at the island but didn't get away with it. If you read the site you will see millions of Americans still believe this stupid crap.

Ok, when my daughter was in kindergarden in San Diego they do this huge huge Christmas thing for a mth straight. Santa comes the works. I have no problem with this out of hand. I asked her teacher if I could come and read a Hannuka book and have a little talk about that to go with Christmas. The teacher said no. She said she never had a Jewish kid in her class before ( I believe her) and that she was surprised my kid was a Jew since she didn't act like one. ( NO I didn't ask how she thought Jewish kids would act different).... I justried to be polite and asked her why not, was there a way we can comprimize? She said no, and said she didn't know why I didn't want Christmas and why I wanted to ruin it for everyone and said I was mistreated my daughter for denying her fun. I just gave up and went home and didn't try again. Most schools are like that. Very very few allow any explanation of Jewish holidays to go with Easter etc...some do, most don't.

The complex we lived in LA its a condo thing had the pool spray painted with Swastikas. It took maintanace weeks to remove it. Weeks.

Ok thats a few examples I could go on.

We live in a diverse nieghborhood here. Its a college town and no one bothers anyone. At my kids school girls wear a head scarf (hijab?) if they want no one says anything, boys wear yamakles or whatever and its fine. o

This place is rare tho.

I think all the stupid crap about other peoples religion, whatever it is is just stupid.

Thats why people get upset about anti semitism, I bet other Jews have had these experiences.

Probably lots of groups who are minorities have them.


Blogger callieischatty said...

I wanted to add that even tho this stuff happened and was upsetting I don't think about it in my daily life or anything.

My nieghborhood is very diverse so this is a perfect place for us to be.

6:23 PM  
Blogger MisFitToy said...


On behalf of the Christ whom these idiots defame with their putrid, racist, ignorance and incredible lack of common courtesy, please rest assured He'd never treat you that way. He called the Jews His own...His Chosen. The ignorant, non-Bible-reading manure-chuckers should be voted off "the islands" and everywhere else civilized people live.

Those who bless the Jews are blessed by God and those that curse them are reciprocated in kind by Him.
My tooth hurts from a root canal today, so I'm a bit peeved, but the disgraceful behavior by the small-minded and stone-hearted social retards needs to be addressed and quashed.

BTW, I believe Pat Robertson was right about taking out the Venezualan communist dictator, but not by Seal Team Six, or Able Danger, but by the Mossad. If they could handle their part quietly in the Clinton/Foster "suicide" in a DC Park, they could do it again and get away with it, or allow the U S of A to pretend it wasn't an E Ring plan ...who's gonna mess with Israel and her nukes? The US should lay off of Israel on this foolish, blind peace intiative with the jackals of Islam who want Israel pushed into the Med., and let Israel take out the Iranian nuke program that is going to be aimed their way and revert to the friendship the evangelicals espoused to Truman and others to see that the Zionists had a homeland established for them according to biblical prophecy.
The sons of Ishmael should remember who their father was and who their brothers are. Sadly, they won't and prophecy speaks of their destruction along with Russia and China in an attack on Israel. Watch China. Also, watch for discoveries of great petroleum stores under Israel soil...another good reason to be her friend , America.
As a student of the art of war, the Six Day War stories of courage and creative warfare by Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir were some of my favorites growing up as I read their biographies. As a Baptist preacher's kid, the bible opened up my heart to the Holy Land, and I have a bible of Olive Wood from Israel from my great-grandparents when they visited it when it was called Palestine. It was a relationship with the Christ of the bible that opened my heart to the Jewish people. Sure, I love the Arabs and I have a good muslim friend -Johnny Bey, but my admitted preference is for the people God calls His own. Anyone who wants to mess with them messes with me and my friends and family. That goes for "shithead" "Seminary" students as well , Callie and Elder. You are loved and admired by those of us out here in growing numbers that prize our friendship with our Jewish friends. My Russian great-grandfather spoke 13 languages fluently and would have spat at such vile behavior against the Jews articulated by Callie in her life experiences. He , too , was a pastor and a missionary at Ellis Island. His photo is on display there.

Tooth really hurting now from clenching my jaw thinking about the unjust treatment Callie and her synagogues experienced. May the Melech ha olam grant you proportional blessings to the disgraceful cursings by your revilers.

10:41 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

Holy cow! Holy shit! You can't be serious about the Mossad killing this guy!

Holy shit! You can't be for real about thinking they killed that Foster guy!

Oh wow! Now you are flipping me out!

Holy shit, we can't go around and just kill people for goodness sake!

Don't make me scold you! :+}

And thanks for your kind words. But we cannot go around killing people or even calling for someone to be killed thats always all wrong.

No matter what, its all wrong. Chavez may be the next Castro but is not for us to just go and kill the guy for goodness sake what is everyone talking about.

11:24 PM  
Blogger Carlos said...

OH MY GOD! I never thought CA could be so bad. Well maybe rural Northern California but not in the south.... I thought I experience some rough stuff in Miami. Like walking home on Shabbat and being called a kike or spat at by passing cars. Or having out 15 foot Chanukah Menorah at the University of Miami dumped into a lake. In NY things were better, people are more use to Jews there (though people say things behind your back and I think someplace in either Upstate or CT had the spray paint too). I just can't imagine what you and your community went through!

12:38 AM  
Blogger Carlos said...

Oh yeah, don't get me started on Pat Robertson.

12:38 AM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

Well I don't mean to minimize it, but its not really all THAT horrible.

I mena it was upsetting but no ont was killed or hurt.

THe point I wanted to meke I am not sure I did it right, is that alot of peopel still experience this stuff and I don't know if normal Christian or Muslim Americas realize the crap that still goes on toward Jews.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Carlos said...

It happens to other groups as well. When I was in high school I was riding my bike around town and some thugs started throwing rocks at me calling me a "Mormon Bastard."

Funny thing was, I was not a Mormon. Heck I was just wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. But they thought I was a Mormon even though I was not wearing the standard outfit. I think certain people get off on hurting others.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

I just always took it for granted that stupid asshats were everywhere and against any and everything that they for some reason didnt like.

I've suffered alot of religious intollerance growing up as a Catholic. Yeah, hard to believe considering Catholics were once the greatest offenders of religious intollerence. No, but its true. I guess the one step of seperation that I have over you is that I am catholic by choice... if your Jewish, I suppose chances are that you were born Jewish. Its not a religion, but a race (I do understand people can convert to Judiaism).

I've seen Catholic churches burned, windows smashed out, spray painted... you name it. I just looked at the people who did it as trashy rednecks. Though, there is alot of Anti-Catholic sentiment out there as well.

I digress, but you made a good point. People really dont see the problem unless its happening to them. The story of the world.

9:59 AM  
Blogger MisFitToy said...

Tongue in cheek, Callie.
The vice prez of Venezuela was a relative of mine. My sister's ex's aunt. My sister's kids are all native Venezuelans and all have Hebrew names.

As for taking out Chavez, I don't actually encourage murder, but the dude that was God's annointed and who's kingdom we all remember was a man of "bloody hands." "He teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight" is from the Torah and that and other holy scriptures was enough for me not to register for the draft as a concientious objector.

As for the Mossad, I've done a lot of research into the Sword of Gideon after the Munich Olympics ( a friend played for the first American handball team there) and into Vincent Foster's death- Mossad had a heavy presence in both,though one was more covert than the other. The Mossad has stolen the US nuke secrets via agents in the States and has had its moments. Am I mad at them, not really. I just wish they'd offer me a job if I lived in Israel. I'd never betray my own country. It would be cool though to work for the NSA or the CIA as an analyst. We can pretend that the underbelly of the intelligence community is all puppies and roses, but having studied the GRB, KGB, MI5, NSA, and other agencies like the Mossad, one notices trends and the interaction of the competing agencies vying for intelligence for their own country, and the work they do is not always legal or pretty.
My friend in a US major city works in vice and homeland security and you'd be shocked to discover how close we've come to other 911 like disasters that we have been able to avert via cooperative intelligence sharing.
Getting back to Venezuela, the poor citizens are due for a real bad time with the political posturing and military marches.(see my blog for a shot of military displays in the streets of Caracas). It generates memories of Kremlin and North Korea military shows of strength with a communist agenda -against the West.

6:27 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

Misfitoy~! someone has got to keep you in line! :+}

Thats very interesting about your

It would be bad if it became a haven for extreamists.

I don't know enough about it to really comment, I just hate violence of all kinds.

Of course, I would be an awful spy, I would stink at it I am sure.

I would never be able to keep a secret for one thing, and of course I would feel bad for people all the time and just end up letting them go if they promised to be nice from now on.

It would be a bad thing.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Stewart said...

I was very sorry to hear about the arson at Temple Beth El near Syracuse. I had not known about it until I read about it in this blog. For a while I lived near Syracuse, and in fact close enough to Temple Beth El that I would drive past it a couple times a week. Very sad.

10:52 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

How kind of you to say that Stewart.

Yes of course we were all devasted by this act of senseless violence on a peaceful community like Beth El.

But what can we do?

Life goes on, and for the American Jewish Community this has become normal.

I try to understand it, but somehow I never do.

Oh well, as I said, God is good, and most people are wonderful and good.

Thanks again for your kind wishes of support.

You have no idea how much it means.

11:06 PM  

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