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Thursday, August 18, 2005


To my half dozen or so blogging friends.

I have to give a big all day presentation on time management next mth. It has to be good. It has to be great.
Ok, so I have never really had a 'real job'.

I tought school for a bit, and then I had my kids and stayed home. I did wait tables in college like everyone else, but thats much use in something like this.

So I am not sure what people who DO have 'real jobs' use to get the time management thing under control

Do you all use blackbetties? palm pilots? how do those work?

Don't tell me to ask my husband, he has no problem managening time. Its easy for him, it comes natural.

Did you ever do any time management programs at work? Did you ever do the Covey thing? Any suggestions for me from you brilliant folks?


Blogger RaY-ZoR said...

Blackberries, Callie, blackberries! I've never really had a real job myself, but I've been around lots of people who have had been employed at full-time positions. Some people prefer Blackberries, Palm-pilots or PDAs etc, but those come in handy for people employed in Managerial positions as they have be very punctual for meetings, dinners, etc. Most people with real jobs usually manage their time by sticking to a strict schedule, no matter what. For instance, some of my friends go to work, and during their lunch time, work out at the gym, skipping lunch (Although, I'm against that). Personal electroic organizers come in handy when people have to attend meetings. They can be programmed with alarms, timers, reminders, etc. They can store phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and comments. Some of them come with wireless internet connection so you can connect to websites like mapquest, or check for important emails, search through yellow pages, read the news and even keep track of the fluctuations in the stock market! Some of them are equipped with word processors as well! For people who are short on time, PDAs and laptops are very helpful. People who travel around a lot during their job prefer to have GPS or onstar service installed in their cars for easier and quicker navigation. Some people prefer to use post-it notes as reminders, that they stick on their fridges or monitor screens, but that seems to be going out of fashion. These are just a few of the examples that I'm aware of. I'm sure there are many other techniques that people use to save time.

6:48 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

wow that was a great list! I will have to figure out how people use Blackberries.

I see people with them, I have to figure that out in case anyone wants to talk about it specifically I can know what they are saying.


7:21 PM  
Blogger RaY-ZoR said...

Good idea. Here's some useful info on the device:

Happy reading!

7:33 PM  
Blogger Abbas Halai said...

umm using common sense and getting priorities straight? you could get into critical path methods but then i think thats stepping ahead of yourself. personally, pda's are more of a waste of time than anything else.

9:21 PM  
Blogger sharon said...

Callie...saw a comment on Diamond's blog, and thought I'd put in my 2 cents...

I work in a small (6 person) organization. Time management and prioritization are very very important. What I've learned to do is to document the time it takes me to do every task, and project. Its very hard to get used to, but after a while, it becomes second nature. This comes fairly naturally to people who have to bill their hours to their clients.

At any rate...try it yourself, for a week, and see how it works out for you. (Its kind of hard to keep track of these things when you are multi taksing too), like when you are on the phone w/ a client, and working on a presentation. At that point, I double up, lets say 25 min on the phone, and another 25 min added to the time that I've spent doing the presentation....this can get pretty tricky when you look at things and say, damn I've done 10 hours of work, in an 8 hour day...In the begining of tracking your time, you should really refrain from multi tasking.

So after your week is over, look at whats taking most of your time, etc. Its also imperative that you document breaks and lunches as well.

Hope that helps!

9:45 PM  
Blogger EXSENO said...

Callie, You already know that I'm not a high tech person I wish I was. But in the past I have had jobs where I had a lot of things to keep track of and their is no way that I could have kept it all in my head. But if nothing else before investing in something that you might not use. I used simple planners and kept notes on everything. No mechanics to it. I wish I did have some sort of planner but I did everything manually. Manual planners date books , calendars and lots of sticky notes. lol I had meetings , clients and tons of records that needed constant updating. Anytime you work in a progam that is part fed. part state funded their is tons of book work to do. So maybe just in the beginning start out with something simple that doesn't cost a bundle until you decide if it is worth the investment or that it will last. Good luck.

9:59 PM  
Blogger EXSENO said...

There ya go Callie Sharon has some really good ideas, pretty much what I had to do also she is better at explaining it tho.

10:02 PM  
Blogger DIAMONDKT said...

Before I started my own business, I didn't have to worry about scheduling very much because I had a personal assistant who took care of that for me. Now it's up to me, but with the increasing work load, I just may find myself another "little helper". Now to answer your question...

Being a tech guy, this is going to come as a shock to you, but I don't use a PDA or Blackberry ( blackbetties to you, hehe) or anything like that. My organizers of choice are...cell phone, laptop, calendar and good old pen and paper.

Laptop mostly for e-mail and if you really get into Outlook, there is a TON of organization stuff in there to utilize from calendars to meeting scheduler to you name it. Most people only know and use about 10% of what a program like Outlook is capable of.

Anyway, you do have a "real job" Callie. Just because you don't report to one boss or drive into the same office everyday doesn't mean your job is any less noteworthy than those that do. I go to multiple job sites, spend time traveling for work, lots of phone calls, meetings, paper work at home - it's still a real job.

Like I said above, I use a combo of things to organize my day. The best advice I can give you is find what you like and what works for you. It doesn't always have to be some fancy/expensive electronic gadget. A simple notebook that you update and check off the list regularly will work just fine. It's whatever you feel comfortable with and helps you is the best thing to use. Just be consistent in whatever organizing method you choose. You will find that consistency will be the key in reducing the stress and managing your time. Good luck!

(Did I help?)

11:13 PM  
Blogger DIAMONDKT said...

Duh, I forgot to add the obvious. The keyword is PRIORITIZE. Put whatever is most important and is due the earliest at the top of your work list and complete it first before moving on to less important and "not due for awhile" tasks.

11:15 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

thanks you all were a big help.

Dave, I don't have a real job in the traditional sense of the people this program is for.

I work for myself, with my partner of course so I do have to keep another person happy. Its not always simple either to get along with a business partner who is also your best friend.

See, I work from home, go to an office once a week to get co ordinated....

But I am out of the loop with how people run their offices since I was never in one.

As a consultant ( and a high priced one at that thanks to my partner who is pretty widely known) I have to above all SEEM to know what I am talking about.
t to
Like I have to get the lingo down that you guys all just said.

I get myself organized with a big calendar on my desk. I write it all down there and just plow thru it.

I don't know what the culture of that stuff is in offices. I dont' know the whole thing that people do.

Do people have calendars on their desk? Thanks tho you guys helped me alot.

I will look at all this stuff again tomorrow.

11:34 PM  
Blogger fsgsf said...

Being a mom is a real full time job, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise!!

I do not use blackberries or palm pilots. I have them, but i dont use them.

Goodluck on your new job!!


NJ from NJ

9:41 AM  
Blogger mojoala said...

good golly, some of this comments look like blogs!

but you did get some good advice.

love the dancing swami tima ray-zor!

3:53 PM  
Blogger Lisa M. said...

I do the covey thing. I learned years ago before PDA's, and I have carried a Franklin Day planner for almost twenty years now.

Its easy to access, small enough to carry everywhere, never have to worry about batteries, and It is easy to glance at with out having to wait for it to load, and I think taking notes in meetings is much more polite than punching things in.

My two cents worth!

5:10 PM  
Blogger MisFitToy said...

I work as an IT Director for a 2 Billion buck firm with 20k employees. I started with a daytimer when I was in sales early in my career, then went to a palm pilot (first version) then to a leather Franklin Covey (stayed with the two page per day format I'd achieved so many goals with in teaching school and in sales, but increased the size from pocket to desktop book the size of a purse), back to a palm, then a combo palm (sleeker version palm) & Covey as I needed both to do the work of each, then got the first edition HP Ipaq that had horrible battery life, but let me play movies and synched up well with Lotus Notes (we'd moved from GroupWise email upon a merger) to finally a Nextel blackberry that I keep with me at all times. All the rest is collecting dust or delegated to other staff or the Smithsonian. Just as the first sentence was very run on, it wasn't a long time in years for the transitions to evolve. With Moore's Law regarding processor speeds doubling every 18 months, we see quick tech changes and what you buy today is obsolete within weeks.
My fellow bloggers have the general idea. Workflow, organization of one's desk and life in general will translate into an organized life and time-management. Some of us like shooting from the hip and others of us like more regimented days. How does a journalist get a days work of reporting crammed into a deadline with only an hour to wordsmith the whole enchilada? It comes with practice, confidence,and a lifestyle. I often say that worhipping God is not what we do on weekends, but a goes time management. It is the whole man approach, not just a work experience.

My blackberry is unique in that it is able to radio my staff in the field or even coast to coast to save money over the cell costs. I can alpha page them with alerts. I can research things on the internet, I webified the Lotus Notes database we use to track help desk tickets and via Intellisync (better than EasySync for Notes) I'm able to respond to emails wirelessly as soon as they are sent. My hip vibrates for all emails and pages, so I look like an epileptic, but I am in constant communication and able to be in instant contact even while driving. I see that I have an appt at 4PM with my executive mentor(consultant-also high-priced) so I call her from the appt. pop-up.

My best recommendation is to carry the blackberry, but take the battery out and sip coffee in your office playing solitaire until someone knocks on the door. Then blame sunspots and see what the latest zany things are on exseno's, callie's, or diamond's blogs to make you laugh and cogitate.
Hope that helps!
Also, I found ebooks I could send you from Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and others I hacked off the web that teach time management. No battery and phone unplugging works for me.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Andrew Seely said...

Thanks for reading the blog.

It's always good to have new readers.

How did you come by it??

Keep leaving the comments, I always enjoy hearing from others.

2:51 AM  
Blogger EXSENO said...

Calendars are most important, you can see that whole month what's do now , what's coming up, etc.Make little notes on it.

Callie, I'm going to reach in there and hurt you, if you don't stop saying it's not a real job. I worked for the Coopertive extension service. It is funded by the state and the Fed gov. I made good money. My office was in my home my files were in my home I was checked on and files reviewed from time to time at the main office. I had a territory, where I had to go all over a certain area.

Point is, you sound like you are putting yourself down. You have a job, d** it. If it generates some income for you, it's a great job.

Entrepreneur, heard of it? Enjoy it. Be proud of it! (love ya)

8:01 AM  
Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Sounds as if you have had a real job, you just do not see it that way.

Organization and time management are quite different.

I use nothing, to be honest, but my memory, which is usually very good. Thinking that I am too old to change, when I need to remember dates, I just put them on the computer.

Take it step by step, and wait until you get your job before trying to figure it all out.

Be well.

8:10 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

Oh its not for me Barbara, I am actually pretty OK at keeping my time under control.
I have to give a presentation on it for work and roll out a program on this subject for a client.
I was wondering what is the buzz out there on it so I don't get up there and make an idiot of myself.

10:19 AM  
Blogger mojoala said...

Never let anyone tell you raising kids up right is not a job, IT IS.


12:30 PM  

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