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Friday, August 05, 2005

In her own words

Ok here is an example of what this woman who came here cursing me said on her foolish blog.

If you think this kind of thinking which in my personal opinion seems to excuse the actions of Bin Ladin as brought about by the US and Saudi Royal family then please understand this post had some 86 comments, mostly from other Muslims saying they agree with shit.

I doubt that all Muslims hold this view, but it sure does seem like it got a round of applause that was pretty loud, and pretty chilling. In her own words here goes:

The question that disturbs me is why in the world did he allow the U.S troops on the Saudi land? I believe that was the major reason why Bin Laden turned against them all because his question was, what the hell are you letting the U.S soldiers on our land for?! In ka yahan kya kaam hai bhaee? This is a Muslim country, why do we need these Americans here?

Makes me so mad.

I mean I know and it's no hidden fact that it is America's old habit to try and invade land that doesn't belong to them and somehow meddle into everyone's affairs but why was this King Fahd so stupid?

End quote


I was trying to discuss racial profiling, I would never say 'this is a christian country we don't need these muslims here"! I was wondering if this new policy is a violation of civil liberties or just a new reality we have to accept. This is very very different that what was said by Shaima on her blog.

Very different. Why does someone who seeminly justifies bin Laden and wonder why Americans would be in a Muslim country then act so outraged by profiling? Christianity is illegal in Saudi Arabia. Pakistan is a very intolerant place for minority religions. In America at least we are trying to work it out so we can all live together in harmony. Thats the goal.

What is her goal? I find this disturbing. In fairness a few Muslims did point out that her comments were off the wall. But not too many.

And this is not someone living in Pakistan guys, this woman is right here in Connecticut and working at Harvard.

As I said, no way do I think her views are universal, but its alarming to see anyone justify the terrible actions of al Queda. Those kids in Bali, the workers at the Twin Towers, the innocent people on the trains in Madrid what did they have to do with the troops in Saudi Arabia? Nothing.

And yet to alot of people that stuff makes sense.

What a world we live in....


Blogger Starbucks Lover said...

whoa whoa whoa
i dont see any comments sayin "her comments are off the wall".. regarding her post, she blatantly talked abt the american army, not the american ppl.. can u read more carefully next time? wud u like an army of another country on ur land? lady, u gotta stop dissing ppl like that.. u seem to be a habitual weirdo. just cos shaima had a strong argument and alot of ppl agreed with her in response to wut u were sayin abt muslims doesnt mean u gotta stoop so low. get ur act together. first u dissin pakis, then muslims then some canadian girl and now her? dissing aint gettin u nowhere.. if anythin, its just makin u seem even more pathetic.

3:25 AM  
Blogger homa said...

"As I said, no way do I think her views are universal, but its alarming to see anyone justify the terrible actions of al Queda. Those kids in Bali, the workers at the Twin Towers, the innocent people on the trains in Madrid what did they have to do with the troops in Saudi Arabia? "

Lets be civil callie...when did Shaima Justify the actions of Al Queda. I'm Muslim, I don't even know muslims who consider any of this looney bins muslims. True muslims are so busy on their own path of being a better person when is there even time to wage war? Did we not loose muslims in the Twin tower bombing. I do remember seeing muslim names on the death toll list. Did they wake up thinking I will die today. no. Just like everyone else. Muslims don't have to accept Osama, Al qaeda or any other terrorist as their own EVER Because they are not of us.

How is Christianity illegal in Saudi? When did this law happen? Please prove you facts. I'm very curious. There are muslims, christians and hindus. There is even a sihk temple there. Yes they are small in number because it is a Muslim country. The whole point of Pakistan was for a Place for muslims to practice their beliefs with out being persecuted. It struggles to keep that peace. I'm not pakistani but I do know that. I love the Idea of a United Country. BUT THE TRUTH IS everyone at the end of the day needs a place to call their own. And pakistan is their own and they have their own laws AND AS FOREIGNERS WE NEEDS TO RESPECT THAT.

3:28 AM  
Blogger Go Yankees said...

you make me laugh the hardest callie. as a fellow american i might not have expected alot from you but sure did not expect such sheer stupidity.

you just seem to be whining on and on trying to say something that might make sense... unfortunately nothing in your post does. this girl sheyster answered your accusations by jotting down facts, not by insulting you. i believe if that was her motive, she would have provided her post with a link to your blog.

please leave her alone as well as the other ones who you seem to always be annoyed with on your blog. you are not better than them in any way.

get a life. please.

3:39 AM  
Blogger Great Dane said...

just wondering.. whats ur iq level? also, do you have dyslexia by any chance? u seem to have quite alot of issues with reading and comprehending stuff. atleast have someone analyze shaima's psts before you go off insulting people like that. if you are trying to put someone down, i hope you have better luck next time while doing that.

oh and also, i suggest you get your eyes checked as well as consult a psychiatrist. you are very pathetic.

3:48 AM  
Blogger Moiz said...

i've read her blog callie, could u point out where exactly she's excused the actions of bin laden???she just said bin laden might have been enraged by the presense of americans in his country.....she didnt say he was justified in doing whatever he did, if at all he did it.....
& just what did other commenters there agree with her on, if she didnt say anything like what u allege she did...???
& why wouldnt such a question disturb her???would u, as a patriotic american, be comfortable with the idea of foreign troops based on american soil???would u???
she was talking abt saudis & americans (patriotism?), U brought it to muslims & WHO's doing it wrong???
i'm not related to her/met her/ etc etc...just read her blog d way i read urs today....

3:59 AM  
Blogger Ashlee said...

you got a striking title there huh?you got me reading your article..and its goo!..drop me a kiss here baby..

4:29 AM  
Blogger Danica said...

I was browsing thru the blogs and caught yours, its pretty cool huh?...holla back anytime..

4:57 AM  
Blogger Narayanan said...

Whoa! you deleted your blog? I thought things were just hotting up; guess you just chickened out. Ohh! yeah.. the deletion was because people were insulting you? I'd like to know whose insulting whom..

first things first, she did not curse u. u wanted a civilized discussion, she did that.

second, pls it wud really help if u can learn to read better, i mean really really help. she is talking abt american troops as in the american army in saudia, not an entire population of americans. i believe there is a difference. besides, nowhere Bin laden has been defended. to prove that, link her post and ppl can see it for themselves.

and since when is christianity illegal in saudia? there is a huge number of christians living there! ignorance is not always a good thing; hence on, try to atleast verify stuff before putting in down as an arguement.

Happy blogging, wish this new blog a longer 'safer' life

5:17 AM  
Blogger Lizzy said...

my first day on blogger.. found ur blog thru exseno's... im not pakistanian nor muslim but i do agree that what shaima's post is well written.. ur crib either seems to be a)she gave u a smart response or b)most of the ppl in those "86" comments thot she had great points.. including americans/christian bloggers.. thank god not all americans think like u.. otherwise we would surely have a problem then.. pls stop such nonsense.. ur not makin the rest of us look any good.. as everyone sed, u seem to have a prob with everyone and everything.. wen she has asked u to stop visiting her blog then do so for the sake of ur own self respect and move on instead of diggin thru meaningless sentences to accuse others..

6:14 AM  
Blogger Great Dane said...

P.S: next time, pls publish everything.. incase you missed this.. which i highly doubt, here is the answer to your post.. i.e: shaima's response to someone who asked her why she was defending bin laden:

Shaima said...
"Maybe my next post should be about how Osama is a near and dear friend of mine.. since Im sending off such obvious vibes that Im truly his greatest fan.

First, my post was about King Fahd and I wanted to know his reasons for letting the US troops in- the subject was not Osama. However the questions he raised did get me curious, we dont know what he would have done IF "US had not landed in Saudi Arabia and if Saddam had attacked and destroyed a few Saudi cities, Osama would have even more justification to start his terrorist war against the US?" or IF this or IF that or IF whatever. Again my focus was on King Fahd and his actions.. stating the fact that Osama disapproved of it doesnt mean Im cheering him on in anyway even though I did think he had a point there for a while until people laid out the reasons for me more clearly.

Second, please stick to my original ideas of the posts. I clearly mentioned at the beginning that I was not going to talk about any war, bush or iraq or oils. It doesnt takes a genius to figure out how sad world terrorism is.. so basically, if I dont display my emotions regarding the attacks, you automatically assume I am all for it? I would have rather written a huge post defending such attacks or the motives if that was the case. To prove that I sincerely condemn such acts, I do not need to go on declaring that I am upset, I disapprove or any of my emotions. But just to show you,

'Sheikh Yousuf: Just because a film was made about a guy who happened to be Iranian, who wanted his kid to be raised in his land and culture, took his kid to iran- one case.. do u think all Muslims are like that..?'

'Just exactly how you think Bin Laden and the Muslim bombers represent all Muslims, David Koresh represents all Christians as well as white Americans too.'

Gee now I wonder what made me state that qoute by Sheikh or made me upset about Callie thinking Osama or Muslim bombers represent the entire Islamic community if I was defending the acts of terrorism.

Yes I am saying that terrorism exists all over the world regardless of religion, race or gender so why just profile Muslims? Why not profile everyone else? If you need reasons, they are mentioned in my post. Just because some fanatics want to jack up the world in the name of religion doesn't mean they represent each and every Muslim's mentality.. therefore noone has a right to point their fingers at Islam or any Muslim and say, hey lets profile you because someone who belongs to your faith just blew up so and so. Koresh did the same thing, does it mean he represents all Christians? NO. However if you're ignorant towards Muslims then you might as well do the same with Christians or any other religion for that matter, based on their not-so-innocent history."

7:00 AM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

So many commenters have no blog of thier own yet have alot to say

Normally I don't comment on spelling but a few of these seem to be the same irate nutcase.

I would say a good class on ESL would do some of these people good.

There isn't really anything of substance here to reply to.

The comments are just ad hominum rants from what I can see.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Kamran said...

Hi Callie.. the USA is a country that declares itself to be a country for every religion,cast,creed etc. in its constitution... while saudi arabia has a constitution which states that saudi arabia is a muslim kingdom.. with islamic rules...

if a person walks naked in US or if a girl walks in hijab (covering) in the US.. it doesnt matter to anybody coz US is a country that accepts everybody irrespective of their religion (which i appreciate very much)... but in saudi arabia's case, u have to understand that their tradition and culture takes it offensive enought to be 'taken care' by an army of a non-muslim nation.. and this is what shaima wrote i guess...

so its not about right or wrong.. its just about respecting one's way of life... and saudi life is damn different than urs in US.. tc..

5:36 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

well they can do what makes them happy there, I never would be able to be happy someplace where women can't drive have independence.

I also like that people can do what they feel is best for them with their religion here in the US.

government and religion being totally separate makes sense to me.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Gina Burgess said...

Callie, it looks to me like you have one person writing as several different people. Several posts have the same syntax and same misspellings. Being a veteran of message boards, I know for a fact no 2 people write and spell exactly the same... not even shortened chat words.

Keep your chin up, girl, they will all fade away eventually and go somewhere else.

6:05 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

I agree gina and I have to say I am flattered someone went to all the trouble to make up so many ids to comment to me..........:+)

9:44 AM  
Blogger Raheel said...

With due respect to your opinion, I would like to tell you something.

I don't wanna talk about Al-Qaeeda because I don't have much information about it. But Callie, this is my humble request. You can't blame Muslims as whole for an act done by a certain group of people. I guess no religion is anti-peace or anti-goodness. I guess, you are following all the things which are mere words. They aren't actions nor teachings. To understand that you have study Islam and its various reference points very deeply.

You said: 'Pakistan is a very intolerant place for minority religions.' Have you ever visited Pakistan? If not, then you should. I guess in majority we respect diversity very much. And if you talk about minor disputes which should be avoided then you've to believe this bitter truth:

In America at least we are trying to work it out so we can all live together in harmony.. I completely disagree. You people are killing people in physically and mentally who aren't christians-americans. There are thousands of example attached to it. Pakis, Indians, Arabs, Syrians everybody is so tensed there because there is no freedom there for them. Not even freedom of speech. I would like to know your comments on it. I hope we can be more constructive and don't be extra emotional. We should respect the truth, Shouldn't we?


3:53 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

Raheel thank you for your comment.

I wonder how many synagogues are in Pakistan? Is this place not where Danial Pearl the WSJ reporter was murdered for being Jewish?

And here there ARE people of all faiths living in peace.

In my neighborhood there is an Islamic Center and nothing happens to them and no one bothers them. No one should as long as they are just doing their thing.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Raheel said...

Danial Pearl is still a mystery so there is no use of talking about it. Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Muslims.. we all live together here. And there is no racial/religious discrimination happening here. I have a Christian friend. Our whole group respect him and his religion equally. When he is fasting, we don't eat food infront of him. Neither he does in our case. And sorry to say I have heard this from many people that on the superficial people they don't suffer in america but they are surely harrassed personally.

7:22 PM  
Blogger yochanan said...

there is no mystry about the murder of danial Pearl he was beheaded because he was an american and a jew.

10:18 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

Wow Raheel I had no idea Christians fasted!

Do tell!

And what mystery is there in Danial Pearls death, they posted the video of his beheading on Al Jazera with him 'admiting' he was a Jew and then they cut off his head...right there on the video.

It ran for like 92 hours straight on Arab TV.

What please tell me is the mystery there?

10:24 PM  
Blogger Raheel said...

Do you think that was the only reason?

Do you think they killed him and made a video simultaneously?

Do you think that there were no politics involved watsoeva?

Do you think that thousand innocent people are also not treated similarly in america?

Don't you think that a innocent syrian canadian was brutally tortured without any strong evidence?

And the people who killed Danial Pearl were neither Pakistani nor muslims-by-heart.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Raheel said...

and yes christians do fast before christmas celebrations.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Raheel said...

One more thing, I guess you need to come out of your comfort zone and think things in multiple prospectives. And if we are still fighting over the geographical boundaries and religion in this era of globalization then I think we haven't progressed a little in true sense.

5:32 AM  

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