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Friday, August 26, 2005

Three Sisters Four Brothers

So I come from a big family as I have said.

One of the things I am most thankful of in my life is the relationships I have with my siblings and their wonderful kids....all 21 of them....!er

Yesterday all four of us 'girls' got together and went to this nice farm and made these wildflower wreaths together at this class. I normally hate that kind of stuff. To be honest I loathe classes involving crafts! yuk!

But in this case I went with it and I actually had a good time.

Something weird happened tho.

One of my sisters came to this party I had last summer and and she said that she hated the party and had a horrible time and that two people said something snobby to her and that no one knew she was my sister.

I couldn't imagine this.

I was shocked.

Now this sister likes to stir the pot and stuff so I just let it go.

I mean its not worth getting all worked up about something like that.

She told me she would never come to another party I had again, and that was a bit off the wall but I figure hey whatever.

Everyone else said they had a great time, and my friends are not snobby maybe she just felt insecure.

Oh well who knows, we had a good time and I enjoyed the ride home with my youngest sister too.

I was up at our camp all summer so I didnt really get to hang out with her that much the last couple mthes so we got caught up.

She was telling me about some of the problems in her marriage, her husband gets really on her nerves.

Now this sister is a quiet person who really like solitude. She was the youngest and we were all mostly out and away by the time she was born so she got to be to herself alot.

In our family people support each other and I listened and told her what ever she does I am on her side in whatever happens. I think she and her husband are a good match and that this will pass but she has to decide that for herself.

I hope it works out, but sometimes you just never know what is in the future.


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