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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What can we do about Katrina?

Alot of people feel helpless in the face of this terrible thing that has happened in our country.

We all wonder how this could have happened with all we know about storms today. And how in a country as advanced as the US we had such great loss of life.

I don't know what the answers to that ate, I have no idea why so many people died, its so sad.

But I know from what I have been reading we can expect many more severe storms like this to come. Climate change is the reason.

There is indesputable evidence that the balance between carbon dioxide and oxegen has been thrown out of wack.

We have to act now to do something. We need to stop wars and fighting and stupidity and get to work on this problem as a human family if we hope to leave a world behind that our children can live in.

Why is everyone so busy shooting each other and fighting, everywhere all over the world this is happening.

I am going to go tomorrow and get four trees from the nursery and plant them.

If everyone on earth would plant a tree for each member in their house think of how many more trees we would have on earth.

One tree makes so much oxegen you would be amazed I am telling you guys you should read about this its incredible.

I hope everyone who reads this will be inspired to do something and plant some trees.

And get a low milage car, turn off the lights and stuff.

We have to stop this while we still have the time.

I say we all tell everyone we know to plant trees.

Don't you think this is a good idea?


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