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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Army Corps of Engineers is Horrible

These are the people who are a government agency that is supposed to take care of dams and waterways, and these huge projects like the Mississippi Delta and fixing the flood wall in New Orleans. It wasn't the levees that busted it was the flood wall.....and that would require the army corp of engineers to step in since that is their thing.

I have met with these guys many many times. They go by ACE and believe me are the worst most corrupt bueracracy you can imagine. The reason I have had so much contact with them is that I have worked to get them broken up and put under closer watch of other less Fellini like groups since they are SO horrible.

One thing they are trying to do, that is actually their number one priority at the moment is to blast out the islands in the St Lawrence to make it easier for ships to go from Chicago to the Atlantic down the Lakes and thru the 'seaway'.

In case you didn't know from my blog, I LIVE on one of the islands those cretins want to blow up and for no good reason. The St Lawrence River doesn't need to have the islands blown up nor do they need to ruin the water of the Great Lakes by introduing more shipping.

Its not something the economy will benefit from and all research says it. Yet they keep trying to do it.


Because of cronyism and because they get to bid on their own jobs, hire their own buddies and if they do a feasibility study that gets under the radar they get to give themselves the job. Sweet huh? They all go from running the Army Corp of Engineers to have fun jobs like running shipping companies.....for huge of course their priorities have like nothing to do with the national interest any more than they people at the FDA who go to work for pharmacutical companies they used to 'regulate'. Its all BS.

All BS.

Now so far for some reason we have been lucky in stopping them. Turns out the blasting would resuspend the mercury at the bottom of the Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence and pollute the water table. The largest fresh water source in North America could very well be ruined because of them if people stop screaming about this.

You never read about it in the news right? These stealth guys are under the radar, its more fun to watch Cindy Sheehan and Donald Trump and Survivor I know but this is what really makes things tick.

So, if they had been doing what the fuck they were SUPPOSED to do and fixed the flood wall in New Orleans instead of stupid crap like spending enormous sums to 'study' blasting my house up this would have never happened.

So google the Army Corps of Engineers. It is sickening.


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Blogger MisFitToy said...

I always thought that living in the islands where you do is very quaint and special. To contemplate ridding the world of this to make the seaway more convenient to larger ships is not prudent, nor is it prudent to forge ahead without friendly dialogue with those living on the islands or in the area. Bad form.
My grandfather and uncle used to paddle canoes up the rivers in NJ and enjoy meeting their neighbors on the waterway. Grampa met Einstein that way on a jaunt up river. I imagine the fun afforded your neighboring families along the river. My brother has a gorgeous brownstone off of the Potomac in Georgetown and the area is a hubub of activity for families and couples enjoying the water and scenery. To dredge and blowup in order to make room for seaworthy vessels is again, bad form, and regardless of the political parties behind it, should be "voted off the island" OMG...I feel like I need to go hug a tree or something!

4:20 PM  

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