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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What do you like to eat after school?

Or after work?

Ok I made nice pumpkin pie for my kiddies to eat when they hop off the bus. I think smell is super important don't you? And to smell that nice fall aroma fill up your house and be all nice and yummy there for you when you hop off the bus is a good thing.

School is this big scarey world in a way and its so nice to have this sanctuary where people just think you are great no matter what and where you can always have a nice snack with someone who loves you.

I telecommute most days so I can watch them hop off the bus and run up the driveway into the house all excited to be home.

Its nice to have the routine of school back again, and plus fall is my favorite season.

Its so wonderful to have the leaves and the crisp air, and relative warm weather still with us.


Blogger DIAMONDKT said...

I eat whatever someone will feed me. Being "cooking challenged" myself, I will take what I can get - no joke. Typical bachlor life. If I don't eat out or if someone isn't cooking for me, well then I eat pre-packaged foods like frozen dinners. Anything that I can prepare that isn't above the skill level of your average chimp is ok too. That's about the extent to my kitchen handiness. Well I guess I can do other things in the kitchen very well (cough), just not cook. ;)

3:41 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

But what do you like to eat after school or work?
Do you remember anything your Mom made that you liked alot?

8:48 PM  
Blogger DIAMONDKT said...

Well my Mom returned to work when I entered middle/junior high school, but before that she use to make chocolate chip cookies sometimes or homemade banana bread. Although what I really remember and love is these chocolate chip cream cheese cupcakes she would bake. God, were they good! I miss those. I wonder if she still has the recipe. I think I might ask her to make me some and take me back to my childhood. :)

(I know, that is all pretty much junk food that I listed, but I was a thin kid. I take after my Dad so I doubt I will ever get fat. I burn everything off.)

9:25 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

Oh yes I bet she would love to make them for you!

Banana bread is healthy....

We still have some pumpkin pie I baked them yesterday left, but banana bread is a good idea next time I will make that.

10:13 AM  

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