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Friday, October 14, 2005

My friend is mad at me!

I have a cold.
I am so overworked I cannot possibly do it all.
I hate traveling and I am booked solid for the next two mthes.
That means I have to be goen three days a week.
I have no idea what risk management is and I have to write this presentation on it.
My clothes all are ugly.
My hair is totally wrong.
The new shoes I bought don't feel at all the way they did in the store.
My husband bought a new car on Ebay to surprise me and I don't even like it but I have to act like I do.
I don't feel like sleeping at my friends tonight but I have to since I already said I would.
My laundry is totally backed up and the cleaning lady is no where to be seen.
Either my scale is wrong or gained two pounds this week.
Why did I eat those potatoe chips?
I have 6800 hundred dollars in recievables and no idea when they are coming in.
Next week I have to travel doing these stupid focus groups on something I have no idea about.
I have to stay in weird hotels in places in the middle of no place with no room service and what if I have to go to a restaurant alone???
What if I get lost????
What if my kids grow up and hate me for working?
What if they miss me too much?
Or worse what if they don't miss me at all?
What if Elder is mad at me?
What if he hates me now?
What if I forget something important in the focus groups next week?
What if I wear the wrong outfit?
What if I gain two MORE pounds????

I don't know what to say


I have been under so much pressure latey that I started to get tummy aches.

I wanted my business to go well but its just so busy that I feel like I can't keep up.

I can't keep track of everything I am supposed to be doing it seems.

There are all these nice fresh vegtables in my frid and I haven't been here to cook them!

I haven't been able to even get all my work done let alone spend the normal two hours prepping an incredible dinner of ttwo cooked vegtables, roast chicken, salad and nice rice pilaf.

I feel like I am getting a cold. We have totally slipped in our eating habits as a family.

Now that Yom Yippor is done, I want to spend the day sleeping. But work calls.

This weekend my daughter turns nine! What fun we will have.

Havea good weekend.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I had a great holiday

This was RoshShashona, or the Jewish New Year. It was really fun! My kids were home from school and we had the best most wonderful two days you can imagine.
Our friends came over last night and we had this great dinner with an apple theme, apples and honey, apple crisp, apples in the roast beef suffing, and all kinds of cool salads, Kugel, honey cake, Matza Ball soup and my girlfriends brought over this nice red wine and it was all just perfect.
The sermon at temple was very inspiring too, we saw a bunch of people we don't get to see very often and that was nice also.
I got some great news about work today, and all around life for me is very good.
Many kisses and hugs to you all.
Here have some honey cake, its good for you.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Holy Shit!

'Up to 150m people could die in avian flue pandemic'
(Filed: 30/09/2005)

Q&A on bird flu

Up to 150 million people could die in a global avian flu pandemic if action is not taken to prevent it being transferred from human to human, the United Nations has warned.

Dozens have died from the flu in Asia
Dr David Nabarro of the Geneva-based World Health Organisation said preparations for an expected mutation of the virus enabling it to spread from human to human must be carried out.

"I am almost certain there will be another pandemic soon," Mr Nabarro added.

Dozens of people have died from the virus, mainly in Asia, after it was transferred from birds to humans. So far, there have been no reports of it spreading between humans.

UN secretary-general Kofi Annan has asked Mr Nabarro to head up a worldwide drive to contain the current bird flu pandemic and prepare for its possible jump to humans.

If the virus spreads among humans, the quality of the world response will determine whether it ends up killing five million or as many as 150 million, Mr Nabarro added.

The last flu pandemic, which broke in 1918 at the end of the First World War, killed more than 40 million people.

Mr Nabarro warned it seemed very likely the H5N1 bird flu virus will soon change into a variant able to be transmitted among humans and it would be a big mistake to ignore that danger.

Some governments and international organizations have already started joining forces to begin preparations.

Millions of birds have been destroyed, mainly in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, but the virus has also been found in birds in Russia and Europe.

But once humans have caught it, the virus has shown it has the power to kill one out of every two people it infects.

Until now, the effort to contain the spread of the virus among birds and prepare for a possible shift to humans has been led by the Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health, the Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organisation and the WHO.

Mr Nabarro said he would head a new UN system-wide office in New York that would begin mobilising governments, international agencies, health workers and the pharmaceutical industry.

Once the virus began spreading among humans, it would be only a matter of weeks before a pandemic was underway, so a rapid response would be crucial, he said.

Two challenges will be governments' traditional desire to ignore threats until they become real dangers, and their reluctance to publicly admit they have a problem once the disease starts spreading, he added.

A vaccine would be the best way to counter the virus and several drug firms around the world are working on one. But production is slow and the immunisation must match the strain that is actually infecting people, so it is not possible to make them up before a new strain emerges.

Next story: Emergency talks to save Turkey EU entry

Sunday, October 02, 2005

In light of the bombings today

I thought this was very interesting.
From a blog I give the URL to:
so what did rice say about hamas

Sunday, October 02, 2005 So What Did Rice Say About Hamas?
When Secretarty of State Condoleezza Rice speaks about the Middle East, we pay attention.

Now if we could just figure out what she said...

On September 30, Rice spoke at Princeton. After she spoke, Rice answered some questions. Here is the first question, with her response:

QUESTION: I'd like to thank you for coming, first off. I've just been curious -- seems to me that there's been some sort of disconnect with a lot of the rhetoric that you've been presenting here today and with a lot of our actions in the Middle East. One example is that it seems that we've started to take a lot of a softer line with Hamas in Palestine, which is an organization that I think really doesn't fare with the ideals that you've been promoting here. I was wondering if you could try and explain that disconnect we've been seeing.

SECRETARY RICE: Thank you. It's a very good question. We've been very clear that Hamas is a terrorist group and it has to be disbanded, both for peace and security and in the Middle East and for the proper functioning of the Palestinian Authority. After all, it is a roadmap obligation of the Palestinian Authority to disband militias and armed resistance groups. There are periods of time of transition in which one has to give some space to the participants, in this case the Palestinians, to begin to come to a new national compact. But I cannot imagine, in the final analysis, a new national compact that leaves an armed resistance group within the political space. You cannot simultaneously keep an option on politics and an option on violence. There simply isn't a case that I can think of internationally where that's been permitted to happen.

For instance, in the Good Friday Agreement it was understood that when Sinn Fein came into politics and eventually the IRA would disarm and perhaps, hopefully, that process is now underway. We did not permit the Afghan warlords to keep their weapons and participate as candidates in politics. They had to make a choice. And so it is absolutely the case that you cannot have armed groups ultimately participating in politics with no expectation that they're going to disarm. But we are very clearheaded about Hamas.

Hamas stands for one-state solution, not a two-state solution. Hamas, therefore, stands for the destruction of Israel. Hamas is an organization that asks Palestinian mothers and fathers to give their children up to make themselves suicide bombers. And it is a real detriment and block to further peace in the Middle East, so we're not at all confused by this. We do, I think, need to give the Palestinians some space to try and reconcile their national politics, but they're going to eventually have to disarm these groups. They can't have it both ways.

So what did she say?

Well, she said that--
a) Hamas is a terrorist group
b) Hamas seeks the destruction of Israel
c) Hamas promotes suicide bombings
d) Hamas is a detriment to peace
e) Hamas must be disarmed

Pretty good, no? So what didn't she say?

Well, according to Arutz7:

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday that Hamas "eventually" will be disarmed but did not state that the terrorist group should be banned from running in the elections. The U.S. has outlawed Hamas, and one of its principles is the destruction of the State of Israel and replacing it with an Islamic state.

Rice, in a major address, told a questioner that it is clear that Hamas "stands for the destruction of Israel...and is a real detriment and block to further peace." But she used the Sinn Fein party, linked to the Irish Republican Army terrorist group, as an example of terrorists agreeing to disarm in order to win political acceptance. "We do, I think, need to give the Palestinians some space to try and reconcile their national politics," she explained.

The upshot of what Rice seems to have left out leaves the door open for Hamas to take part in elections, as long as it disarms. How many different definitions there are of "disarms" in the Middle East is anyone's guess, but here's one I found that I like:

"To deprive of the means of attack or defense; render harmless. "

Getting back to reality though, Rice did seem to contradict herself. While she did talk about disarming Hamas, that's not what she said at first. The very first thing she said was not that Hamas should be disarmed, but that Hamas has to go altogether:

Hamas is a terrorist group and it has to be disbanded, both for peace and security and in the Middle East and for the proper functioning of the Palestinian Authority. After all, it is a roadmap obligation of the Palestinian Authority to disband militias and armed resistance groups.

So according to Rice, in the interests of following the same roadmap that she says Israel must follow, Hamas must be dissolved and cease to exist. After all, one would assume if that applies to militias and resistance groups, it should also apply to terrorists. That being the case, then there is no question that Hamas would not take part in the elections. What could be simpler than that?
Then why did Rice change course in the middle of a single question, changing tracks from calling for dissolving Hamas to merely 'disarming' them--and leaving open the possibility for Hamas to take part in elections after they 'disarm'?

So what is called for, disarming or disbanding?

According to the Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, which by its own admission, "is a performance-based and goal-driven roadmap, with clear phases, timelines, target dates, and benchmarks," the roadmap requires:

Rebuilt and refocused Palestinian Authority security apparatus begins sustained, targeted, and effective operations aimed at confronting all those engaged in terror and dismantlement of terrorist capabilities and infrastructure. This includes commencing confiscation of illegal weapons and consolidation of security authority, free of association with terror and corruption. [emphasis added]

Let's face it, perhaps you could assume "dismantle" means "disband", but you could easily read just 'disarm' into this--all that is required is dismantling the 'capabilities' and 'infrastructure', but the group called Hamas would still exist. And who knows what would pass for 'disarm.'

Rice, on behalf of the US, claims "we are very clearheaded about Hamas."

Maybe they could let the rest of us in on just exactly the US--and the roadmap, for that matter--expects to do about Hamas?

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Written by copaigue . (Link to this entry) This entry has 0 comments: (Add your own)

The War at Home

Ok there is a biblical concept called shalom bayit, or peace in the home.

This is something I really try to achieve and for the most part I have to say I have done a pretty good job of it. The most important thing in my life, hands down, is my family and there is nothing that can ever change that as my priority.

That said being married is not an easy thing all the time, there is not a magic fairy of love who prances about sprinkling a love potion on everyone when things get tense.

To me, children have a right to a stable loving family.

Sometimes we have to come up with some creative solutions on how to stay married, and sane all at the same time. This is not always as simple as it looks.

One thing I realized is that telecommuting is not really working out that well. See, when I was a stay home mom in the day I was never home, I took the kids out to museums and playgroups, I went to the gym, I was always well out and about.

My husband telecommutes and what he actually did during the day was something I didnt really know about too much.
Now that I really am working all the time, I am home at my computer most of the time. Since my husband also telecommutes this has led to too much time together.

I have considered bopping him on the head with a two by four and telling him to stop asking me to make him lunch or read this funny email he wrote. But that just seems too well, harsh.

I have come to the conclusion that I will start to go to the gym in the morning again and bring my notebook to work at. I write in pen on paper alot anyhow that should help. Then I can always zip over to the university library to answer my email and stuff.

I can buzz the kids to school and be off to work myself. Simple.

See, marriage needs some nurturing. You can't just take it for granted. Someone has to adjust and tweek things that are going badly.

Its not that its SO terrible. My husband just thinks I have been a bit cranky. Anyhow, anyone who knows me should realize I am cranky alot so thats not a big deal. I just find I can't concentrate when he keeps doing the stuff he does all day.

He isn't all that busy as I thought, he has a ton of time to frog around. I really don't actually. His job is more rote I think, mine is more creative, and plus I am only just starting so stuff takes me a long time.

Last night I had dinner with two of my girlfriends and I told them what was bothering me. It was a huge relief. They said they could tell this all was bothering me but thought when I was ready to open up and discuss it I would. What a huge blessing it is to have close and supportive friends.

And today I had dinner with my aunt and uncle. ( Husband has been away closing up the cottage) They cheered me up so much too.

I can't imagine how people live without friends and family to help them with they are a little down.

Now that I have a plan I have this whole feeling of relief...whew.

I don't mean to imply I don't love my husband, I really do love him. I just can't be with him all day and all night! He is aggravating the daylights out of me!

So in the interest of shalom bayit, I am starting a new routine. If you see Mr Callie, don't tell him why the real reason is. I would never hurt his feelings and say " I am going to work at the library since you are irritating me with your nonsense all day"!

I am just going to say I am working on stuff I need books for . And party its true so I won't be lieing or anything.

People say honesty in relationship is best, but thats not always true.

A little white fib for peace and harmony at home isn't a bad thing.

Its not!