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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

An Amazing Blog

I found this amazing blog. I have actually been kicked off it I think but still its just facinating to read like little else I have run across in the blogworld.
The guy who writes it calls it a stripclubbing chronicle and on the surface at least it chronciles his experiences in these places over a period of like ten years.
That seems like it would be dull but believe me its anything but.
When I first read it I felt really sorry for him and suggested he start dating and look for someone nice that was his own speed and stop all this silliness.
He said that he was already with 'the one' and that he was just a 'dishonorable person' or something. That made me so mad! I thought 'holy shit'! His poor wife!
I scolded him and said what a horrible cretin he was of course, but I still kept reading the blog, facinated at how utterly and completely self deluded this guy was, plus the blog has an actual plot line, unlike others and believe me you get so sucked into whether or not he can convince one of these poor girls to fall in love with him. (so far no luck but close)
I mean when you read his writing, you realize that alot of people have this 'other life' in a way that no one knows about but them. I mean this guy could be anyone.
While his thing is more extreme than most peoples I think everyone has a certain wish for fantasy and acceptance. People like this guy are able to suspend disbelief to the point where they actually believe the girls have a thing for them. That its so fun for them. I mean, he points out that on some level he realizes this is not true but still, this is the point isn't it?
It gives a profound insight into the reptile brains of men, that really what they want on some level is a harem, a big screen TV with ESPN on and a nice glass of wine.
Of course, most men( at least the ones in my family and friends circle) are able to contain themselves, raise a family, be good husbands and good people and so this whole cheating thing gets on the way way way back burner.
But as this guy on the blog shows, you can be in your forties, have a family, money, a good career, a liberal arts education whatever and STILL spend your time looking for something.
I mean on some level in some way don't we all do that?
You know that U2 song, 'I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For?" I love that song and it always struck a chord with me.
Of course in my case, I have a happy home life, I love my husband and my family and no way in a million fucking years would I ever ever do anything to endanger that.
I have to say tho, marriage isn't always easy and fun and exciting. People are different, people disagree, no marriage is without painful episodes and unfufilled hopes.
When you come right down to it, we all struggle with the same exact issue that this strip club junkee guy is haunted by.
For him, he can cough up a few hundred dollars, go upstairs with a women half his age who tells him how thrilled she is to see him and how facinating it all is ( I mean they even pretend to have orgasms and the guys believe it!) and bingo! He gets to have his boredom taken away and his problem at least for the moment solved.
At first, I thought, wow I am like SOOOOooooooo much better than this puek. But wait, am I really?
How can anyone say with certainty that they are better than someone else? Just because I am faithful, and honest with my spouce does that really make me a superior being?
This blog begs another question too, how well do we really know each other? This guys wife and family probably have no idea that he is carrying on with other women.
How can it be possible to live with someone have thier kids and not even really know them?
If you want to read this blog here is the address

Don't be put off by the title of it, its not about stripclubbing even tho the guy who writes it thinks it is.
I am telling you the stories are so sad in a way, but really true to life and enlightening.
There is some sexual content but not gross.
If you have some time, really go and read it you won't believe it.
Don't be put off by the


Blogger callieischatty said...

I hate the no comments thing so I thought I would add one of my own! :+}

12:11 PM  
Blogger DIAMONDKT said...

Here, I'll comment for ya!

I wonder how old that guy is that has kept a diary of his strip club adventures for a decade! It is kind of sad. Think of all the $1 bills he has spent. He could of probably opened his own strip club up with all that cash he blew by now.

Is he an old perverted lonely dude? I'll have to check out his site and find out. Maybe he just needs laid really, really bad. :P

4:05 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

No thats the thing Dave! He isn't some lonley old pervert! He has a family and this whole normal life!
I am sure his family has no idea.
Its just amazing that he has managed to keep this double life up all this time.
I guess thats what I found so astouding.

7:03 AM  
Blogger Sixty said...

I'm glad you found my blog interesting, and you've certainly not been kicked off it. As always, I'm happy to receive any comments that are thoughtful and respectful. All the best,

10:42 PM  
Blogger callieischatty said...

oh Hi Sixty!
I just thought I had offended you by scolding you.
I am glad you posted here, I just love to get comments!
I was wondering if you had ever thought of changing your icon and changing your ways as well.
I am sure another hobby could be just as much fun.
I bet you would like being in a band or something.
That seems like a fun way to get your ya' ya's out without running the risk of your family beating you to death with a garden hoe if you get found out!

10:40 AM  

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