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Friday, January 06, 2006

The meeting

The word Vayigash literally means "and he met." To meet someone is to be introduced to a person, not having previously known them. In this Parasha, there is only a reuniting of a family, not a "meeting" as the name of the parasha implies. Why then would the title of the parasha mislead us? These brothers and their father have been separated for many years. All of Jacob's sons had families of their own and time had definately made changes in their lives. All of Joseph's brothers had obviously matured since that fateful day of selling their brother and felt bad for what they had done. But Joseph was the one who made the most drastic changes in his life. When he was sold as a slave by his brothers, he was an immature and pompous child, a braggert of his father's favoritism. But now, as Joseph sees his brothers again, he has metamorphosed into a forgiving and caring man. He choses to see his painful past as inevitable and a part of his fate so he could help his family survive through the famine as he works directly with the Pharaoh of Egypt. Joseph displays characteristics of a true tzaddik in this parasha as he is forgiving and then some to his brothers despite the harsh way they treated him when they were younger. In this sense, Joseph became a new, respectable, and righteous person and the reunification of himself and his family was indeed a meeting. Everyone had grown apart, and in Vayigash, a new and transformed family meets each other as if for the first time.


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Blogger MisFitToy said...

My life has been similar to Joseph or Daniel's this year. The promised referrals by the butlers I've helped went no where and I'm still being faithful in the prison God has left me in. However, I've got a Kadosh word that God is taking my family and I out of the pit and prison to the place of promise and promotion.G-d is never late, but it sure 'nuf would be sooooo wonderful if He did his "Suddenly" visitations a wee bit early! LOL

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